Agreement Between Govt And Tehreek Labbaik

Protesters continue to occupy Faizabad – No official confirmation of the agreement The agreement was signed by Ijaz Shah, Pakistan`s Minister of the Interior, and Pir Noor ul Haq Qadri, Minister of Religious Affairs, in the early hours of Tuesday. Chaudhry said negotiations were underway between the government and protesters and that “the patience of the state should not be confused with weakness.” The agreement was signed by representatives of both parties. Under the five-point agreement, the government would not object to the request for reconsideration of Aasiya Bibi`s acquittal by the Supreme Court, and the legal process to put her name on the exit checklist (ECL) would be immediately initiated. In addition, deaths (if any) that occurred during the demonstrations would be reviewed under the law and the government would release all protesters arrested since 30 October. In addition, TLP also apologized for the inconvenience caused by the protests. He addressed the march participants after his group`s leaders signed an agreement with the government`s negotiating team. According to a written agreement that Khadim Hussain Rizvi`s son, Saad Rizvi, shared with SAMAA Digital, the government will “evict” the French ambassador within two to three months with parliamentary consensus. There was no official confirmation from the government of the agreement, but the Interior Ministry announced the immediate release of all orders in the last two days from different parts of Punjab. Asked about the conditions under which the protesters would leave Faizabad, the minister said that the TLP would announce the points of the agreement from its stage. Just a few days ago, Interior Minister Brig (Retd) Ijaz Shah and Minister of Religious Affairs Pir Noorul Qadri signed an agreement with Rizvis`s party, in which the government agreed to freeze diplomatic relations after the approval of the National Assembly. But before solving the conundrum of why Rizvi gave the government three months to debate and implement the decision to sever/freeze relations with France, the cleric died, leaving behind conspiracy theories about his death, which will only strengthen his ideology or create greater chaos in society. – The three-day sit-in ended across the country after negotiations between the government and TLP leaders were concluded on Friday night.

The operation was suspended at 9 a.m., officials said, adding that protesters spread across the Faizabad interchange, after which rawal Dam Chowk`s Murree Road, Islamabad Expressway from Zero Point to Khanna and I.J. Principal Road to Ninth Avenue were sealed. The red zone was also partially sealed, including Khayaban-i-Suhrawardy, Dhokri Chowk`s Srinagar Highway and Fazl-i-Haq Road in Chowk Polyclinic, officials added. An agreement was signed and the radicals got what they wanted. An agreement was signed between the Tehreek-e-Labbaik and the Pakistani government, in which members of imran Khan`s cabinet signed the signatories to the agreement. The agreement with TLP leaders was signed by Interior Minister Ijaz Shah, Minister of Religious Affairs Noor-ul-Haq Qadri and Islamabad Commissioner Aamir Ahmed. He explained why Khadim Rizvien`s son could not become party leader, he said, “it was agreed between him and the late party leader that the cousin would not be allowed in the party and that the leadership would not be passed on to those close to the party`s founders.” Qadri announced his decision to convene a meeting of the TLP to announce a new leader of the movement as part of the agreement, the country will not post ambassador to France and French products will be boycotted at the government level. This is so-called scholars still use their evil spirit for Pakistan Islam and the army on the melodies of the Bash Indians, but they`ve never written a single piece about the state of Indian Muslims under modi bjp govt in the last six years, what`s happening with Muslims out there they only say as a good goat what their indian crude master wants to do, and as I mentioned in my comments about Mr. Gupta, that his anti-Islam