Sunshine Coast Council Certified Agreement

With respect to the rest of our assertion that the current Board should be overwhelmed only by changes to operating and salary dates, the Commission has offered broad support for a three-year agreement with minimal changes. The Council has proposed a number of administrative amendments that we will consider before the next meeting, but it seems that there is nothing in this part of the Council`s proposal that would constitute a dealbreaker. (a) An agent may be invited to temporarily fill a vacant and senior position. If the officer agrees, if he performs all the duties and assumes full responsibility for the position, he is paid in addition to his normal salary. The allowance is equal to the difference between the officer`s salary and the minimum wage for the temporary job and is payable as long as the working time period applies to the following days: aa) If a supervisor and an officer do not agree on the workload allowance, one of the two persons may refer the matter to the DVC (A). The DVC (A) will be advised by both parties and will formulate a resolution. The DVC (A) can be advised by the director, Human Resources. If your application has already been filed, you can verify the status of your contract by sending an email to the Commission`s team for the agreements. Since March 2019, QTU, Together and TAFE Queensland have been negotiating such an agreement to replace the current TAFE Educators Certified Agreement 2016. b) If a dispute is not resolved by the proceedings described above, the matter is referred to a member of the university`s management at the request of one of the parties to the dispute. The executive will meet with the officer, his representative (if any) and the director, human resources department or candidate to try to resolve the issue within 10 business days. Each resolution takes the form of a written agreement.

“Negotiations” means holding discussions and real efforts to resolve disputes and reach agreement. c) For all academic staff and for specialized staff already employed in a current position at USC at the time of approval of the agreement, the package is calculated as follows: We have also ensured that all parties to the agreement have the same understanding of the importance and intent of the new clauses. I recognize the contribution of TAFE Queensland CEO Mary Campbell in this extensive process We now have a final and agreed agreement. In numbers, this is the highlight of: 5 December 2019: The development of the TAFE Queensland Certified Agreement – 2019 has finished and we are one step closer to certifying the replacement agreement.