Thrifty Car Rental Agreement Number

Fuel packages are only a minimum rent of 4 days and are not available on all Manhattan sites. It is recommended to have PERS coverage when the vehicle is used in cross-border rentals for the U.S. and Canada. Debit cards can be used in restitution to pay for rental fees. In order to rent the THRIFTY vehicle, the tenant must present a larger credit or debit card at the time of the rental (see use of the debit card below) in his or her own name of the tenant with available credit. The tenant`s credit card is in possession for the estimated rent amount plus 15% or a minimum amount, depending on the larger amount, depending on where you want to rent. 15. The tenant delivers the vehicle to Thrifty or his representative at the place indicated at the front of the agreement, and if he wishes to extend the term of the tenancy, he obtains Thrifty`s agreement to continue the rent (in this case, the tenant pays additional rental fees for an agreed extension of the rent). If the tenant does not comply with this clause, the tenant may be liable for the costs associated with the late return of the vehicle or the return to a place other than the agreed one. Mr. One-way Rentals: Single-use rents in the U.S. and Canada vary depending on the location and availability of the vehicle. A one-way fee will be charged.

o Customers who rent in Hawaii do NOT have any credit card ancillary fees. This excludes rents that pay with a VISA credit card. (a) PAI provides tenant and tenant passengers with benefits for accident medical expenses, ambulance costs and accidental death services during the rental. If this optional coverage is acquired by a tenant, the tenant is insured 24 hours a day for all accidents, whether the tenant is actually in the rental vehicle at the time of the accident or not. Passengers in a THRIFTY vehicle are insured only for accidents that occur, while occupants occupy the THRIFTY vehicle. Click here for the personal accident insurance application form. b) PEC insures the personal belongings of the tenant and each member of the tenant`s immediate family travelling with the tenant up to the specified liability limits. A member of a tenant`s immediate family must reside permanently in the tenant`s household.

If this optional coverage is acquired by the tenant, PEC only covers personal belongings used by the tenant or family member who is directly involved.