Agreement To Yourself

Don Miguel Ruiz tells how only four agreements with himself and the universe can unfold and deploy the linked version of the car and bring you back to your authentic identity and purpose. This gives you the freedom to live from a place of wholeness. Imagine, it`s 5 a.m. and start your morning ritual. At the end of your ritual, you`re ready for an amazing day, even if it`s Monday. But that`s not all. You have found the courage to quit your job to take care of your business. You`ve found the courage to get married and take your relationship to the next step. You even found the courage to share ridiculous images of yourself on social media. About ten years ago, I found the four agreements of Don Miguel Ruiz, which were deep inside me and led me to examine the different conscious and unconscious agreements that I made with myself. For the most part, I`ve always lived like this and I`ve continued to live, but from time to time I stumble and realize that I`ve deviated from that path, and I have to stop and get back on the path, to get back to the deals I made with myself. I agreed to travel and see and learn more about the world and to photograph freely everything I see and share.

You can use a site like Stickk or Beeminder to hold yourself to account by putting real money at stake or jeopardizing your reputation (the app can actually publish your mistakes online for anyone to see). Start with these seven – or as many as you think you need – and add to the list and refine it as needed. Success is not a quick fix, but a path of lifelong agreements. I find this agreement the most precious of my life. Often, I also tell my coaching client this arrangement. As long as we do our best, that`s all we can do. It`s amazing, isn`t it? This can be your reality if you start today to take these 4 chords back into your life. You only have one life to live, you will let yourself be discouraged by the fear of being happy? As reasonable as these agreements are, we are all trapped in living outside their borders.

The human thing, the thing of the ego, the illusion, is hard. But sustained resistance to these positive commitments means that there will be more misery, suffering, dysfunction. The good news is that a careful decision to conclude these agreements – which we can do best – will change the world around us. Right away. If you don`t trust yourself enough, have someone else sign the contract. The co-signer can be a close friend, your mentor, or a respected co-worker. Ideally, this person should be someone looking at you so that they queue you if necessary. Tell yourself that you are opting for a particular path and accept that every decision, every decision, every challenge is made from the same point of view. The benefits have been considerable.

The binding agreement I have with myself aims to help me think about maximizing my potential and my life just for today. If you really start focusing all your energy, effort and focus on making this day a masterpiece, the results will dazzle you completely. I agreed to be as creative as possible and share my creativity with others and, whenever possible, to open doors for others to share and express their creativity through the different arts…