Aoi Agreement Meaning

From my perspective, as a professional illustrator, I always hope to be accessible and fair and able to reach a viable licensing agreement that meets the needs of my clients, while being paid fairly for my work. Licensing should not stand in the way of illustration itself. What is pleasure? *EDIT APRIL 2019* According to the AOI`s recent advice, the previous document has been replaced by a new illustrator commission agreement – it`s a simple contract, with only a little more detail than before. Here is my version of the agreement, based on the AOI model – Once we have agreed on the work you have entrusted to me, I will send you a copy with all the details relevant to your project. An illustration license agreement is essentially a contract between an illustrator and his client, which clearly defines the work ordered and the conditions of use of it. As a client, you don`t need to sign the document, but the fact that you received it and didn`t ask for anything is enough for the illustrator to continue. However, as with any contract, it`s important to read it (!) – it gives you the opportunity to report any issues or concerns regarding the specified usage before performing any work, which will hopefully avoid problems or confusion later. . It doesn`t matter, it`s quite possible that the way you want to use an illustration may change over time. Licenses can be renewed at a later date to allow for a longer lifespan or to cover additional use. As a general rule, there would be an additional fee to reflect an additional use that can be discussed if necessary..

. . . Once I`ve cited a potential project and the fees have been agreed, before I start working on an illustration, I`ll always send the client a commission acceptance document – this is basically the illustration license. Most professional illustrators provide a similar document. The copyright of an illustration legally belongs to the illustrator. When you order an illustration, you will have the right to use that illustration for the purposes agreed through an illustration license, and if the license you have covers all your necessary uses, it is really not necessary for you to own the copyright. The AOI covers the entire planning area of the flagstaff Metropolitan Planning Organization (FMPO). . The royalty related to the license covers the creation of the illustration and its agreed use. .

This would really appear in the briefing phase. Before quoting for the job, an illustrator will probably ask different questions to determine how you want to use their illustration. . How the illustration fee is shown is related to the usage – how and where the artwork is used, as well as the scale/profile of the client. This is very different from many other sectors where there could be standard costs/tariffs, and therefore can sometimes seem complicated and confusing.