Turner Rio Agreement

SAO PAULO, BRAZIL – DECEMBER 16: Luan de Sao Paulo fights for the ball. (Photo by Miguel Schincariol/Getty Images) What awaits you most next season? Bans: For us, it`s the dynamic between women and the complicated nature of their friendship. I think during this season, despite all the kind of action we`ve tackled, we`ve always been the most enthusiastic about the idea: “Wow, in this season, Beth and Ruby will really struggle to be friends, and Annie will kind of be stuck in the middle.” We have an interesting idea to take this dynamic of friendship further into season 3, because these women are really sisters, because they can hate each other in a second and love each other in the other. I don`t think it`s something you always see a lot on TV, especially on TV. It`s something like the element of the show that we`re most passionate about, and I think what we`re most looking forward to in Season 3. Meanwhile, Beth thinks she has found a way for the girls to create their own fake currency and do banking business on their own terms. However, Ruby (Retta) and Annie (Mae Whitman) have only survived this season by the skin of their teeth, and the decision whether or not to continue with a new scheme will be a big source of tension next season. The investment will facilitate the dismantling of existing and new deposits and will include the construction of a new crusher and a 13-kilometre-long conveyor. Bans: I think we have finish points for each of them, all the women we want to reach one day.

It`s a blessing to be recovered early, like we did this year, but also when you know how long you`ll be on the air, because then you can really plan that. So we hope, when the time is right, that we can finish the race, that we will know in advance and that we will be able to conclude the story as it deserves. Rio did not die at the end of the final. What are the chances that he and Turner have entered into a partnership? Bans: The irony and the reason why we mixed these two scenes at the end, where Beth made this lame, but kind of messy dollar note, and she tried to make her own fake money, and she shows it to the ladies, and she`s like, “Guys, we can do it without him. Now he doesn`t have power over us anymore, now we`re free” – the reason he showed this scene directly against the scene where Turner says to him, `Listen bro, if you want me to save your life, you know what that means. It means that I own you, it means that you work for me, which means that we are essentially partners”, it`s really the cliffhanger of “Oh Beth! Beth, you may not be as free as you think. Turner and Beth somehow have opposing views on who they are as a person.